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24Document Consultants is the most reliable company and can help you with all your false UK driving license and ID cards and genuine UK driver’s license and ID cards needs. We make high-quality fake, as well as registered UK driving licenses, ID cards, for countries like the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Austria, etc.

How to buy an Austrian Driver's License Online?

We produce Austrian Driver’s License of two categories: Unregistered and Registered Driver’s licenses. All we need is your information and we will show you picture and video proof of the existence of your license within 48 hours. If all the entries are correct we will print and heat-fix the holograms and deliver the Austrian License to your location.
The registered driver’s licenses are found in the corresponding database; In cities with Federal Police Headquarters: the Federal Police Headquarters [Landespolizeidirektion]
In Vienna: the Motor Vehicle Department [Verkehrsamt]
In cities without Federal Police Headquarters or in Municipalities: the district administrative authority [Bezirkshauptmannschaft]
In the statutory cities of Krems and Waidhofen/Ybbs: the Municipal Authority [Magistrat]
For the statutory city of Rust: the Federal Police Headquarters Burgenland [Landespolizeidirektion Burgenland]. They also carry all security features and can be used in Austria without any risk.
The unregistered driver license is not registered in any database in Austria but physically looks like a duplicate of the original Austrian Driver’s License. Place an order now!

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